10 Celebrities on the Heartbreaking Moment They Found Out Santa Wasn’t Real

Spoiler alert: Santa Clause isn’t real—at least, according to these celebrities. For decades, the jolly, red-suited and white-bearded man has ruled the holidays and the imagination of most children under the age of 10. You know the drill: Santa rides in on his reindeer, slips in through the chimney while everyone is sleeping, and leaves his presents before exiting with a bite of milk and cookies. The story is told a million times in a person’s childhood until they learn the catastrophic truth that Santa is fictional.

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Even celebrities like Mila Kunis and Gina Rodriguez fall for the ploy. But, like most of us, they’ve lived through the deception to tell the tale. To understand how Hollywood found out about the biggest scandal to rock a third grader’s life, we rounded up stories from seven celebrities on how they learned that jolly old Saint Nicholas was a urban myth. Hear their hilarious stories, ahead.