Cole Sprouse Gave His Twin Brother Dylan a Dick Pic for Christmas?

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The Sprouse brothers are known for their hilarious antics, but this just might be the funniest one yet! Cole Sprouse gifted his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, with a dick pic this Christmas – and his reaction was exactly what most people might say if their sibling give them a poster of a penis as a gift. Stars — they’re just like us! The Riverdale star shared the photo with his Twitter fans, alongside a screenshot of Dylan’s perfect response.

Dylan asks Cole what exactly he’s supposed to do with a huge poster of a bisected penis, to which Cole hilariously responds, “Hang it in your study.” LOL!

We’re going to assume his Christmas gift had a little something to do with Dylan’s leaked photo scandal back in 2013. You might remember him making headlines after nude photos of him surfaced online. His ex leaked the NSFW photos, which feature the former Suite Life of Zack & Cody star posing in front of a mirror completely naked. Let’s just say he left very little to the imagination.

However, Dylan laughed it off and so did Cole, who joked about the size of his brother’s penis. They even exchanged some hilarious quips on Twitter.

They’re too funny! But, that wasn’t the only time the twin brothers made us laugh on Twitter. Not only do they constantly roast each other, but their comebacks are epic. Take the one below, for example.

Speaking of Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Dylan recently sat down for an interview with Vulture where he opens up about how much he dislikes the term “former child star.”

When he and Cole decided to step away from the spotlight in order to attend college at New York University, people immediately thought they could no longer get work. Then when fans spotted Dylan making coffees at a coffee shop, the media began addressing him as a former child star.

“I think they were just confused,” Dylan explained during his interview. “I was just doing what I impulsively thought I needed to do. And I knew I’d have a great time doing it. People would come up to me and be like, ‘You must have fucked up.’”

“That term [former child star] is so derogatory. Isn’t it always derogatory? Even ‘young actor’ sounds better. You’re already in a box. But they put you in a smaller box inside that box. It also implies past tense. It implies you’ve already failed, right? I was actually naïve enough to think that people wouldn’t think of it in that way,” he added.

Nowadays, Dylan is a jack of all trades. When he isn’t working on his Brooklyn brewery, All-Wise Meadery, he’s acting in indie films. Unlike his brother, Dylan is happiest when he’s working on films with “a lower budget — independent, expressive, really small-scale.”

So that begs the question: does Dylan watch Riverdale? The answer is no! “Don’t tell my brother, but I’ve only seen the first episode,” he revealed.

Who’s going to be the one to tell Dylan he’s missing out!?

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