I’ll Take You to the Bath & Body Works Sweet Shoppe and Buy Candles With You!

It’s been about two or three seasons since Bath & Body Works launched their Sweet Shoppe Candles and I’m happy to report they are back for the Spring 2018 season. I actually missed most of these on the original launch.

What?! How? Who! You did!? Yes, I did. I was waiting on a good sale and I felt like, “Meh these will be around for a while! I can wait for a good sale to buy them.” and somehow time got away with me and they disappeared before I could get my hands on them.

Oh woe is me. I do so regret not getting them as the constant ravings about Lavender Marshmallow haunt me to this very day.

Now I can get them all and they are on sale too. I suspect, don’t quote me, that the Sweet Shoppe return is simply happening during the semi-annual sale. Why? Because these have been on sale since they popped back up on the Bath & Body Works website and there are in fact a few new Spring 2018 candles but those are full-size. That sucks because I do so miss the days of old when Bath & Body Works did cute collections. I wouldn’t mind if Bath & Body Works changed into a A l’Etoile d’Or for Spring 2018 and launched an entire range of delicious candy scents (and pastry ones too)! P.S. If you’ve never been to A l’Etoile d’Or please make sure you visit on your next trip to France!

Bath & Body Works has been remiss lately. First the dismal Fall Collection, than the fact Twisted Peppermint Fragrance Mist wasn’t available, and now a return of Sweet Shoppe simply for the semi-annual sale. Come on guys, you can do better.

But I’ll take what I can get and I’ll haul all of these yummy scents (actually, I already did!) but please, give us more of the things we love in the future. I don’t want to be taken to Hawaii this Spring! Take me to a fine pastry or a decadent chocolate and candy shop.

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