Lipstick Queen Dating Game Lipstick and Doctor Who Babblings

Lipstick Queen Dating Game Lipstick make me think of Valentine’s Day and I guess technically that’s ok considering the Christmas decorations and candies have already been removed from my local Walgreens and in their place, yes, you guessed it, are chocolate hearts. Rush? Just a little.

As we head into a new season we can always rely on Lipstick Queen to gift us with some new, interesting lipstick launch. This year, we get four gorgeous shades of pink lipstick with a formula that contains nourishing shea butter. Each full-coverage lipstick has a creamy texture with a silk formula and a pop of pink pigment for your pout.

Shades include:

  • Bad Boy
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P.S. I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special last night and it was rather wild ride. I was so, so busy Christmas and the days after it that I didn’t have a chance to sit down to watch but I finally had a second to sit on the couch and take it all in last night. I’m thrilled with the nod to our very dearly beloved Brigadier. Not that the Brigadier has been completely absent in recent years but just that tiny nod to his legacy was a lovely thing to see. One of my favorite episodes featuring Nicholas Courtney and Tom Baker was Planet of the Spiders. Yes, I’m a complete arachnophobe but this was the introduction of my Doctor so it does stick out in my head. But man there were enough fake spiders in that episode to give me nightmares for weeks and weeks after watching it. It’s especially important to remember that the Brigadier was there during the regeneration from three to four with Sarah Jane and he says those legendary lines, “Well… Here we go again.” Indeed, and here we are again in 2017 nearly 2018 with yet another Doctor on the way. One that breaks all sorts of boundaries since he has actually regenerated into a she. Yay girl power. A few short years ago, there was a rumor that Jennifer Saunders might be the next Doctor Who and the fandom was quite in a frenzy at the idea of a woman in the Tardis. It never did go down that way but this year, well this year is obviously the year Doctor Who makes history.

I keep seeing click bait titles about how wonderful 13 is and how incredible she was in this episode but I haven’t formed an opinion yet. She was on the screen about 28 seconds and I’m disappointed to some extent that her intro was not terribly original at all and just reminiscent of 11’s introduction to the Who-verse. Cloister bell tolls, regeneration occurs, Tardis blows up, Doctor is thrown into chaos. Pretty much the same intro as 11 aside from the fact she literally falls out of the Tardis where as Matt hung in there as it crashed down to earth. I get the need to blow up the Tardis as they want to start fresh, give it a new look for a new Doctor yada yada yada, but there must be someway they can incorporate a new look without having the same exact storyline as 11.

I have to admit I’m happy to see Peter go. People have hailed him as being a fantastic Doctor but I felt like from the get go he’s always been such a grumpy, angry Doctor. A little playfulness never hurt anyone. Bill was a strong companion and she made last season very, very good but the Peter just wasn’t my cup of tea at all.

I’m looking forward to see what Jodie brings to the role. I hope 13 will bring back some lightheartedness to the series!

What did you think of the episode?

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