Olivia Munn’s Masseuse Thought She Was Pregnant Because of All the Holiday Food She Ate

If you follow Olivia Munn on Instagram, you know that she lived it up this weekend with actress pals, Eva Longoria and Gabrielle Union. She munched on tons of holiday food (courtesy of Longoria), played with dogs (courtesy of Union), went to brunch, and ate chips and salsa from her seaside balcony.

When she returned to reality after the holiday, she was met with a rude awakening from her masseuse who thought she was pregnant because of all the food she ate over the weekend. (Can we let the girl live?) The 37-year-old actress posted about the experience on her Instagram story in which she revealed that her masseuse pointed at her stomach mid-massage and asked the simple question, “Baby?”

After an awkward pause, Munn explained that she wasn’t pregnant but immensely satisfied from all the food she consumed over the holiday. She also playfully threw Longoria under the bus for cooking so many delicious meals. “I guess I’ll start my New Year’s diet today,” she wrote.

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Olivia Munn

Photo: Instagram

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Of course, there’s no reason for Munn to go on a diet. If she wants to gorge on delicious holiday food during her holiday break (like the rest of the world did), so be it. We get that the masseuse didn’t mean any harm, but asking Munn if she was pregnant a low-key way of body-shaming her. On another note, Munn just made us desperately want to try Longoria’s cooking.