Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step out for first joint royal event

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step out for first joint royal event

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step out for first joint royal event –  It is a staple of British royal life — an out of doors meet-and-greet with ardent locals, typically in comparatively mundane locations, and replete with potential pitfalls.

Less than every week once her engagement to Britain’s patrician Harry was declared, the yank actor Meghan Markle got her 1st style of the “walkabout” on Friday, in near-freezing temperatures within the English town of Nottingham.

Markle had declared in a TV interview on Monday that she was keen to get her “boots on the ground” in Britain — and she got her wish on Friday, emerging from a limousine with Harry for their first official royal event together.

Meghan Markle is greeted by well-wishers as she arrives at the Nottingham Contemporary Centre on Friday.

It will be the first of many such engagements that Markle will undertake: On Friday she carried out her duties with enthusiasm, gripping the hands of cheering crowds as they lined the short route.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Everything went to plan — there were no awkward encounters, the snow that has buffeted some parts of the UK this week held off, and Markle seemed to be at ease with the flag-waving and camera-wielding residents of Nottingham who had gathered since early in the day to secure the best spots.

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Markle started off at Harry’s side and offered a reassuring hand on his back, but a few minutes later she moved off on her own to meet the crowds further down the street, taking flowers and confidently greeting overjoyed fans.

One woman proudly showed off a picture she’d managed to snap of Harry as he leaned in to shake her hand.

“This is my hand and Prince Harry with his tongue out at me, which I think is a pretty cool photo. I was shocked I didn’t expect him to shake my hand,” the woman excitedly told CNN.

Another woman, from the US, said she turned out on Friday because Americans “absolutely adore the royal family.”

“It’s absolutely amazing to be here while its happening. I’m going to be here for the royal wedding, for the royal baby and its kind of a dream come true,” she added.

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